Come Back Home After Years Traveling


What does it mean to come back home after been traveling for some years?

Have you ever experience that?

Or make it was just a few weeks but you already felt something different.

How can you get used to having a routinary life after you have had adventures every day?

You have visited amazing beaches, played with elephants, enjoy the sunset from the top of mountains, hang out with people from around the world…

And now you are at home with your family and old friends.

 Can you come back home like nothing happened?


You go to the same places over and over. At the beginning maybe it is fun to see your old friends but after a while, you may think…

What the fuck I am doing here?

 Will I get over it?Laos, Backpacking


For some people seem easy to do it. I have talked with some travelers that just wanted to travel for a while, and they were happy to come back home and have a “normal” life.

Unfortunately, for me, it wasn’t. I can’t take the idea of my head. I want to keep traveling and be free. Right now I am working to make it real.

 Cultural shock


Personally, one thing that shocked me was the contrast between Asia and Spain –my country.

Been far from home for a long time gave me a different perspective. When you see something every day, you consider it normal.

When I came back to Spain, I found people negative, bitter and with a lot of fear.

I had spent a lot of time in Asia. And there, people smile a lot, are usually polite and don’t scream.

Maybe it sounds funny, but it was hard for me to readapt to my own culture.

On the other hand?

I didn’t want to come back to the “slave-life” where you are pushed into an office, and someone tells you what to do the whole time.

The first time that I came back home, I didn’t know yet what I wanted to do with my life.

But I knew that I wanted to be free, or I would die trying. For me, there was not another way.

Fortunately, I kept traveling, and I get the inspiration to write back that I lost when I was a child.

That way I could escape from what the school taught me, or better said, how they brainwashed me to be a part of the big machine called society.

 “The Beach” with Leonardo Dicaprio


When I watched a movie called “The Beach”, several years ago, I liked it, but I couldn’t fully understand it.

Especially the end, where Dicaprio perfectly represent the feeling that you get after being enjoying traveling like crazy.

Only a great actor like him can say so much without words. The face that he has at the end deserves an Oscar Award.

I will not give you more details. Of course, I recommend you to watch the whole movie.

The end of the movie “The Beach.”

I honestly can’t watch this part without being emotional. Many memories come to my mind.

I hope you have, or will have, many amazing experiences that will stay with you forever. 

Have you?

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