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When You Feel Down Backpacking


Sometimes when you are traveling for a long time –or just living– you may reach a point where you feel down, overwhelmed, hopeless…

Ever happened to you that everything goes wrong? No matter what you do, you don’t do anything right.

You decide to go to a place, it rains. Want to eat in a certain restaurant, it’s closed. Ask someone for a date, that person has a couple –or that is what the person says to you.

And the more you want to fix things the worse it gets. 

It seems you are in a tornado of negativity and you can’t get out of there. In these situations, you can feel down.

 Why Do You Feel Down?


Normally, this happens when you are under a lot of stress, you don’t sleep well, you are tired or homesick…

This makes the brain to work incorrectly and you see darkness all around you.

And then you scream:

“Where is my mummy? I want to go back home.”

Once traveling, I felt totally overwhelmed. It happened when I was backpacking in India. I couldn’t take it anymore.

It even crossed my mind to leave the country right at the beginning of my trip there.

Fortunately, I didn’t.

I decided that I needed a break instead. So I took a 10 hours journey – 3 buses – to reach a quiet place called Kovalam Beach, South West of India.

A small town on the coast where cars are not allowed. Which meant not horns 24 hours like in the rest of India. I stayed there for a week to recharge my batteries.

During that time I also had the idea to write my book “Stories of Love and Sex Around the World.”

Ideas come to your mind when you are relaxed.

Here you will find some useful tips that will allow you to improve your state of mind when you feel down Backpacking.

Step by Step.

 How You Can Improve Your State of Mind

meditation, Malaysia

First, take a seat, a deep breath and time. You need to be in peace of mind before you do anything.

Otherwise, any decision you take it will be taken from the confusion. And that will bring you more stress.

Maybe you know a quote which says:

“Don’t write a letter when you are angry. Don’t promise anything when you feel happy.”

Find a place and a moment where you can stay alone.

Turn everything off, the mobile too! and take all the time you need.

Like when you heal a physical wound, you will feel paint at the beginning –it’s normal –then you will start to feel better.

 Don’t Ignore Your Problems

Happy, traveling, Backpacking

Pretend that life is wonderful when it’s not doesn’t help.

It’s a mistake to confuse having a positive attitude with pretending that everything is perfect.

You need to feel it to heal it.

Pay attention to what makes you unhappy. Accept what you can’t change and work on things you can.



“My life is a disaster!”

Really? Comparing with what? Did you have an accident and you have lost your arms and legs? No? Then maybe your life is not as bad as you may believe.

Everything is relative. Think what is the worst thing could happen to you. That would be a total disaster. I mean a 10.

What you be your “disaster” if you compare it? Would it be a 7? or 5? or maybe 3?

Seeing it from this point of view will help you to relativize.

 Appreciate What You Have


Focus on the positive thing around you. There are thousands but you are so spoilt that you don’t appreciate them.

Like the fact that you can eat every day, sleep on a bed, have running water, electricity, internet, and so on.

Those kind of thing were unthinkable years ago. Not even the kings had them. We are a miracle in the middle of the universe.

Say thanks for what you have. I mean literally. It will help you to appreciate the good things about life.

You can say thank to God, the Universe, Mother, Father, or whatever you want. Do it.

Because think about it…

It doesn’t matter how wonderful your life is. If you don’t appreciate what you have you will have a miserable life.

 Focus In The Good Stuff


Many times we torture ourselves because we focus on the bad experiences we have.

There will always be bad stuff. It’s life. It’s not all perfect. But it’s in your hand to see the issue from a different perspective. There are bad things, ok.


What about the good things? We are so spoiled that we don’t appreciate anything. We enjoy technology that our own parents –often times– don’t even understand.

And what about the medical discoveries? It’s mind-blowing.

Besides, we live in peace. Something that some of our family couldn’t. Like my own parents when they were kids.

We live longer and better. We don’t realize it. And that is a big mistake.

 People Around You

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Pay attention to the people around you. Maybe they are not the right people to be around. Which can bring you to follow the wrong advice.

I like a quote that says:

“Before you self-diagnose depression make sure you are not surrounded by idiots.”

The opinion of friends can be awesome. But the wrong friends can make you feel miserable.

I remember a coach that recommended to analyze each one of your friends. You can make a list of good and bad things about people surrounding you.

This could feel superficial. But often times we don’t realize how we are influenced by our peers.

The people that you consider your friends want the best for you? If the answer is NOT maybe it’s time to change your friends.

 Example Of Negative People


I recently met with a good friend and he was with other guys. There were a couple of people in that group who were extremely negative. They were complaining the whole time for no reason.

My friend was hanging out with them in the last few weeks and he didn’t pay attention to their negativity.

Nevertheless, when I pointed it out he immediately decided to don’t meet with them any longer. 

It’s easy to be dragged into negative people and end up with people who are not worthy.

Unfortunately, some people are envious. That makes them feel jealous and don’t want you to travel around the world and have a great time –or other things.

That way they don’t feel so bad about their miserable life. 

If you are a decent person it will be hard for you to believe but there are some people like that. I personally couldn’t imagine it.

Let me tell you that I had to learn it from experience and reading books.

 Take Care of Yourself

backpacking, exercises

Something that will improve your mood is to eat healthily and do exercise.

Only this will change the way you see the world. Even if you don’t have a mental breakthrough.

We don’t pay attention to what we eat and it’s a huge mistake.    

Eating the right thing make an incredibly positive effect on your mind and body.

Several years ago I dated a girl who ate very healthy. Little by little, I felt more energetic and I started to lose weight. And I didn’t do more exercise.

This could be the spark that helps you to change your mindset.

 Take Care of Your Mind

Backpacking, enjoy

Some people are naturally positive. Other people need a daily effort to be happy.

Do things that make you feel good.

Hiking, taking a walk, reading motivational books, dancing, listening “happy” music, participating in cultural activities and more.

You make think it’s a lot of work. But it’s like anything. When you get used to it becomes automatic.

Besides, do you want to be unhappy for the rest of your life?

Now think…

What makes you feel good?

I recommend you to write down a list of positive thing you can do.

And Go For It!

If you have more useful ideas share it in the comments. It can help someone.

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