The Trip That Changed My Life


After a legal battle of six months against the bank I was working for we made a deal with them to accept money and leave. 

At that moment, started the trip that changed my life.

I dedicated my time to think about what to do with my future. I had money in my bank account and none obligation.

I didn’t have a wife or girlfriend or mortgage or a dog. I was totally free.

So I thought… now what?!

The traditional idea would be to find another job, find a girl, get married, have kids and buy a house.

But something in my head said DON’T.

That was the beginning of The Trip That Changed My Life.

 What Should I Do With My Life?


A friend of mine gave me the idea of traveling around the world together. But just a few weeks later he changed his mind.

Some friends suggested me to go to Australia.

They said that it had incredible landscapes and fascinating animals.

Australia, crocodile, lakeBy the way, while I was thinking what to do, another friend told me that the sister of a friend of her was eaten by a crocodile in Australia.

She went to close to a lake and never came back.

It’s one of the problems when you go to an unknown country. You should realize that you can’t do the same as you do back home.

In Europe, you can swim everywhere, lake or sea, and there is no danger. In Australia or other countries, you need to be careful.

After I heard the story, I had some doubts. However, I talked to other people, and all of them came back in one piece.


Australia, Wallaby, tripThe famous kangaroos and koalas were something that I wanted to see.

After watching them so many times on TV maybe it was the time to see them in real life.

It was a difficult decision anyway. I was scared, not because of the crocodiles, but because it was the first time I was going to travel alone.

To be honest, I was terrified. I thought I wouldn’t be able to find the places or hostels to sleep.

Also, I was worried because my level of English was poor. What would I do if I had to talk to someone?

Obviously, it was an irrational fear. As it normally is.

 The Trip Is Almost There


One day I finally decided to take action and go to Australia. I searched for flights online, and I followed all the steps to buy a ticket.

But on the last step, I canceled everything. And I did the same three times. WTF.

A few days later, I found the courage to try again. I followed the whole way until the last step. I just had to confirm.

My hand was shaking so much that I almost couldn’t click on the button. It took me several seconds struggling to physically and mentally to do it. 

Right after, an enormous feeling of regret exploded in my head and I jumped shouting:

Trip, panic“What have I done?!”

I immediately tried to cancel the flight but due to problems with the internet, I couldn’t.

After the panic attack, I calmed down, and I started to think that maybe I could take my time to think about it.

If I finally wanted to cancel it, I had time to do it.

I spent a couple of weeks sleeping only a few hours and eating a little.

During that period I was torturing myself going from canceling the trip or not.

I tricked my mind to avoid the issue by thinking that I would always have time to change my mind.

Little by little I started to calm down and I just let time pass until the day came.

Trip, sunset, city On The Way to the Airport


Finally, the day to depart to Australia came. It was winter in my city.

However, I didn’t feel cold. I just felt a great feeling of happiness, freedom, and relief.

I couldn’t imagine that the terror that I experienced would disappear and I would feel so good.

On the way to the airport, I saw the sun rising between the buildings of my city, Barcelona.

As I was sat on the bus, it was like I was heading to the sun.

I felt like an astronaut going into the unknown.

And for me, it was. 

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